About the Journal

GEOLOGICA CARPATHICA covers a wide spectrum of geological disciplines including geodynamics, tectonics and structural geology, volcanology, stratigraphy, geochronology and isotopic geology, karstology, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, lithology and sedimentology, paleogeography, paleoecology, paleobiology and paleontology, paleomagnetism, magnetostratigraphy, and other branches of applied geophysics, economic and environmental geology, experimental and theoretical geoscientific studies.

GEOLOGICA CARPATHICA, with its more than 70-year-old tradition, presents high-quality research papers devoted to all aspects not only of the Alpine-Carpathian–Balkanian geoscience but also with adjacent regions originated from the Mediterranean Tethys and its continental foreland.

GEOLOGICA CARPATHICA is an Official Journal of the Carpathian–Balkan Geological Association.