Slovak Version of Internal and External Motivation to Respond without Prejudice Scale




Prejudice, Control of intergroup bias, Self-report measure, Psychometrics, Construct validity


Internal and external motivation to respond without prejudice scale (IEMS) provides a self-report tool sensitive to individual tendencies to control implicit and explicit prejudice without directly inquiring about attitudes toward an outgroup. The current study verified the scale’s psychometric properties and construct validity on a Slovak sample. In line with the predictions, the principal component analysis suggested, and confirmatory factor analysis validated the presence of two uncorrelated factors of internal and external motivation. Additionally, while internal motivation was positively associated with adherence to egalitarianism and negatively with authoritarianism, external motivation did not demonstrate any of these relationships. Furthermore, only external motivation was found to be positively related to expressive self-control that parallels propositions claiming greater self-regulatory demands when egalitarian norms are followed to avoid social disapproval. Finally, both factors were positively correlated with concerns from appearing prejudiced, although internal motivation in a significantly greater degree, reflecting larger dependency on self-oriented concerns. With appropriate values of internal consistency for both factors, the IEMS scale provides a reliable self-report measure that might be used for systematic control of individual differences in the research of social cognition in intergroup context.




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Michalko, D., & Plichtová, J. (2021). Slovak Version of Internal and External Motivation to Respond without Prejudice Scale. Studia Psychologica, 63(3), 252–265.