About the Journal

GeoKARTO 2024

5 - 6 September 2024

Congress Centre SAV Academia, Stará Lesná

The conference is organized every two years by the Cartographic Society of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with major academic institutions focusing on current issues and trends in cartography, geoinformatics and geodesy theory and practice. In 2024, the conference will be organised in cooperation with the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Conference Proceedings

Conference participants can contribute to the conference proceedings with an abstract of 1 standard page. The reviewers will recommend selected papers for publication in the scientific journal Kartografické listy (Scopus).

Thematic areas

  1. Theory of cartography, geoinformatics and geodesy
  2. Creation, publication, use of maps and atlases
  3. Mapping and data collection for GIS
  4. Standardisation, infrastructures, metadata, geodatabase
  5. Open-source GIS and open digital content
  6. Web cartography, geo-visualization and geodata publishing
  7. Remote sensing and image processing for thematic mapping
  8. Territorial information systems and cadastre
  9. Geospatial analysis and modelling
  10. Historical and old maps
  11. Education and practice



Presentation options

lecture or poster